Global E Shopping: A Legitimate Company or a Scam? Investigation into Markup and Similarities with Aliexpress ; reviews

Global E Shopping: A Legitimate Company or a Scam? Investigation into Markup and Similarities with Aliexpress

Global E Shopping is a company that attracts the attention of many consumers with its promises of affordable prices on products from around the world. However, behind this attractive facade, there may be something entirely different. In our investigation, we will examine allegations of fraud related to this company and explore the facts behind the 20% markup and the suspicious similarities of their products with Aliexpress. 

Aliexpress and «Global» Products

  One of the key accusations against Global E Shopping is that most of their products strongly resemble items available on Aliexpress. Despite this, Global E Shopping claims that these are their own products and marks them up by 20%. Customers who have placed orders allege that they received products that are nearly identical, casting doubt on the legitimacy of the company.

Fraud and Markup

  A significant indicator of fraud is the lack of transparency in Global E Shopping’s actions. It is impossible to determine the exact sources of their products, and information about the origin of the goods leaves much to be desired. The company promises «unique» products but actually offers products almost identical to those on Aliexpress. Such a 20% markup appears unjustified, especially considering their claim of providing unique items.

Payment Only on Binance

  Another suspicious aspect that raises concerns is the mandatory requirement to make payments solely through the Binance platform. Legitimate companies usually offer various payment methods to ensure convenience for their customers. Restricting payment to only Binance may be inconvenient and unfamiliar to many users, raising the risk of fraud and dishonest practices.


  Based on our investigation, Global E Shopping raises serious questions about its honesty and transparency. The suspicious 20% markup, the presence of products nearly identical to those on Aliexpress, and the strange demand for payment only on Binance raise significant concerns about the integrity of this company. We strongly advise consumers to exercise caution when dealing with Global E Shopping and thoroughly research information about the company before making any purchases.

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